Hysik Quality Connectivity Cables and Connectors Manufacturer in China

We are a professional Cable connector manufacturer integrating research, development and productionof cable connector for 15years. Our Product Ranges inlduing M series connector(M5 connector, M8 connector, M12 connector, 7/8"connector,M16 connector, M23 connector), waterproof IP68 connectors, Solenoid Valve Connectors,Sensor cables and Connectors NMEA cable and connector, AISG cables and connectors that comply to IEC and IEEE. Our products are mainly used in the fields of industry, automation, IoT, telecommuni
cation,automotive,energy and marine. We are able to offer tailor-make solutions that suit the need of our customers from initial ideals to finished products to meet either standard or harsh environment signal and power transmission application. Our wide range of metric circular connectors and cable assembly fit almost any standard sensor or actuator application and includes features such as accurate IP ratings, a wide range of cable jackets, and multiple contacts pin configurations, and high quality rugged materials. Our elite research and development team can provide competitive indoor and outdoor Industrial connector products and cable solutions , OEM/ODM service is available. Please contact us and know more about our products!

No matter a wire harness can be simple or a complex cable harness with a variety of connectors and terminations, we have a full complement equipment to process wire harness, from basic hand tools to semi-automatic machines to fully automated,including Multi cable wrapping or sheathing., Ultrasonic welding, Epoxy Potting/Over molding for connectors, strain reliefs, grommets– we supply you with the right connections
You need the right protection to use your product in a“harsh conditions” and “severe environment” We provide the highest quality solutions for customers looking for bespoke cable and harness assembly.
100% quality control should be a given. But again we go further than that. Own vibration test equipment or climate testing down to -60°C ~+120°C degree ,we assure that your product survives in a demanding environment. It’s our goal to make the life of our customers easier by providing new innovative products and services

Wired components, surface mount devices or a combination of both – Our surface mount technology (SMT) and associated machinery means we are well equipped to deal with the most complex technical requirements. What’s more, our solutions are tailored to your unique needs – and we choose the ideal manufacturing location based upon your requirements in terms of lead time, order flexibility, landed cost.
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