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Quanlity Connectivity

"Industry 4.0" is revolutionizing the way companies manufacture, improve and distribute their products. Manufacturers are integrating enabling technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT),smart manufacturing,AI machine,sensor,PLC and series of automation solutions, Hysik Electronics always supply connectors and cables for its valuable clientele across the world..

Automation M5 Connector

M5 circular connectors M5*0.5mm screw locking according to DIN EN 61076-2-105 are available as straight and right angled cable versions and as easy to mount flange plugs and receptacles.3 and 4 gold-plated brass contacts,widely use for control systems, automated doors & ramps, sensor connectivity as well as many data & communication device applications.

Automation M8 Connector

Automation M8 circular connector provides a wide range of metric M8 connectors for small sensors and actuators. Shielded and IP-rated to IP67, Hysik M8 connector widely use in actuators, PLCs, I/O boxes, sensors, and switches in food and beverage processing, machine building, rubber and plastics, textile and printing presses, and in HVAC system valves.

Automation M12 Connector

Automation M12 circular connectors are designed for many automation applications, including voltage, signal and Fiedbus applications. A/ B/C/D/X/S/T/L coded are available with 2 to 17 contacts with 1A rated current up to 16 A at 250 V/630V,Hysik M12 connector system provides a full solution that includes connectors, IO modules, and cable assemblies.

M16 Connector

These circular connectors according to DIN EN 61076-2-106, which are available as straight and angled cable versions as well as flange versions, comply with protection class IP67. The connectors are offered with 2 to 24 contacts with dip solder, crimp, solder termination and stranded wires and are also available with molded cable. Some versions are ASIG compliant.

Valve connectors

Hysik Valve connectors and cables are available A, B and C plugs for compact pressure switches and valves ,The scope of application ranges from 12V AC/DC,24V AC/DC,230V AC/DC. Connectors with a clearly visible LED ensure easy detection in the event of an error, widely used on utility vehicles and construction, agricultural, and forestry machinery.

NMEA 2000 Connectors and Cables

NMEA 2000 (National Marine Electronics Association) Cables and connectors are industry standard for data communications amoung shipboard electrnic devices,Many kinds of products suit for it,suh as NMEA T adapter,,Nmea 120ohm terminators,NMEA Bakcbone cables, NMEA power cable and NMEA 2000 connector etc.

Fieldbus cables and connectors

Hysik FieldBUS cables and connectors are quality components for automation processes,Transportation, Our IP67 connectors are  support actuator/sensor distributors with the following protocols; Interbus, Profibus, AS-Interface, CANopen, DeviceNet and industrial Ethernet fieldbus systems ,T adapters..

Machine Vision cable

We can offer you Various of speed and high quality connectivity for your motion control and vision system cameras,such as digabit Ethernet cable. (.Transmission rate up to 10GIG )Hirose cable,camera link cable, CoaXPress cables u,IEEE1394